Saturday, April 27, 2013

Women in the Military....alright I'll have to reiterate for all the knuckle draggin' closet shitstabbers/tube steak tenderizers out there...THIS IS ALREADY BEEN HAPPENING EVEN BEFORE YOU BABY DICK R'TARDS WHERE A DIRTY SKANKY THOUGHT IN YOUR WHISKEY TANGO INBREAD SISTER FUCKIN PARENTS HEADS....the LADIES are now just getting equal pay for what the fuck they've been doing for a while now....*whew* now that's cleared up I'm going to shit all over the blogsphere my extra shitty anyone gives a fuck right...right here I go...middle finga to ya haterz >>> \n|m

And fuck your "back in the kitchen" "fix me a sandwitch" bullshit...I hope your wife/girlfriend finds a bottle of ipecac and visine....cooks an amazing meal with desert for you...while you are runnin' to the bathroom you simultaneously vomit and shit yourself.

Back to my biotch fest...last time I checked we Ladies have been keepin' it real for a reeeeal long fuckin' time...Joan of Arc style...not to mention civil war where a black female freed slave went through 3 seprate medical examinations after being fucking wounded 3 times and still wanted get back in the don't fuckin' come cryin' to me about how women don't want to fight or can't fuckin' carry 180 pounds of shit...WHY THE FUCK DOES ANYONE NEED TO CARRY 180 POUNDS OF SHIT ANYWAY plastic fantastic motherfuckers...just give me a gun, some ammo, radio, water, and some energy bars...

Fuck all that other dumb shit...because apprently you fuckin' crybaby dewds can't "physically" carry it either and there is enough broken backs and legs medical reports to back my shit talkin' up motherfuckers case in point the crybaby UBL raid SEAL who went to ESQUIRE to bitch about his butthurts and backhurts he got while serving...oh I can't afford cortisone shots for my back...fuck off there are homeless and legless Vets out there got waaay worse than that pansy...a big FUCK YOU to him...shut the fuck up already.

Oh and for the worry warts about us bitches raggin' it...that's how we shed our excess iron the only way you shitstabber dewds can do that is when you get shot in the face...and as far as the PMS shit goes I like to use that to my advantage cause nothing says run and hide motherfucker than this bitch on the rag with a gun...and I like how people use the shedding of the uterine wall lining every 28 days as a weakness...just odd to me seeing that the same process in the female body provides life giving nutrients to the very shitstabbing no talent assclown that hates on their point of origin the vajayjay...must suck being you...

Fuck you if you read this and didn't like it...your cool if you read it and lauged about it....ok fuckin' off fer now.......pretty pics below

For all the military rape dicks out there I hope you get ball cancer...and a 1,000 year Celtic/Druid curse on you and you rape dick ways...and I hope you fall assbackwards on a dildo filled with aids and have your ass cherry takin' by it...have a nice day :0)

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