Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sooooooooo I'm training to be a CNC machinist....

(Commence lesbo/dyke/wanna be a man comments please because it shows off your love for yer "on the side" boyfriend's weiner being put into your chocolate starfish on a daily basis while you eat society's/pop culture shit sandwitch on how men should get married have kids and not cry...ever...and just be dbags to anyone who thinks for themselves/ or diffrently than you.)

The training is not for the meek that is for sure if you believe in rainbows, unicorns, and wear pink all the time be ready for some good ol' fashion hazing my fellow females...I like wearing pink cause any show of femininity just seems to piss them off even more...It's like Jane Goodall in "Gorillas in the mist" type of you just pissed on their territory or some shit lol...I got accused of using my sexuality to manipulate people(fancy talk for whore) by some recovering acholoic that is now a devote gambler at the Horeshoe casino...yeah not to mention being called "dumb bitch" on a the regular by the same people who crash machines, break $200 indicators...that are to scared even to get on the machines in the first place, and still can't memorize the tools that they will be using on a daily basis on the job...just don't get it...yet they cross their little pork swords while out smoking their cancer sticks and talk shit on oh well can't win 'em all...fuck 'em.


Got to use the lovely machine above it is a CNC lathe and it is the AWEsome! I have a healthy respect for this machine...not gonna lie I'm slightly turned on by it...never wear your hair down or even in a ponytail cause the lathe will get ya a bun all the time with this widow maker.

It makes pretty cool items though and it does all the work for you just push the button...I mean you have to program it ahead of time but that's in another class.  But it is still a pretty cool process the fact that you can take bar/cylindrical stock steel and comes out to be this polished highly accurate valve for bottling up Coke 2 litters is pretty me anyway cause I'm a nerd.  It only makes symmetric items...fancier multi axis machines make asymmetric things. Whatever it makes I get to set it up to make the whatchmacallits and check them for accuracy...all while making some good money while doing it...hopefully.

This pic below is a HAAS 3 axis CNC milling machine...I  get to work with this one on a daily basis at my day job already(in just put in part push a button capacity)'s pretty cool seeing it preform it's tasks like machining a mold that belongs to a part that stamps seat mount parts out for Harley Davidson bikes as well as little Harley emblem plates...just pretty cool...and on some days carves out the edges to Vita Mix blades...mundane to some...absolutley fasinating to me you are part of the whole you in the part that I machine today is on someone's Harley bike later. (I totally get shit for this in my class which is fine to me I guess hateful unmotivated people like spewing toixic stuff all the not my problem...even though my intrest in the mundane was noticed by the company owner attatched to the school ;0) LOLZ

I guess if you are into the mundane and repitition than Machining is perfect for you, but if you want to become a movie star, or hateful recovering acholoic that is now a devote gambler, wanna be genius, or know it all seen it all type of ASSHOLE than clearly Machining isn't for you...usally those type of guys fuck up machines...make bad parts...and really piss off the engineers and bosses that they work for...(but there should be a healthy hatefest for engineers...keeps it intresting...and if you are a good machinist you usally fix their shitty "works in therory" mistakes and bring back balance to the force that is manufacturing).

And to the LADIES out there if you don't want to be a nurse, teacher, social worker, or house wife...and you are into working with your hands...and like reading blueprints...and shop math...and on rare occasions busting an engineers balls/or ovaries...then fuck yeah this is for you...less's a trade...and I feel it's worth it...grit will get you through it...and if you want to evolve/futher your career/life....Machinists make waaaaaaaaaaaay better Engineers as I was told by a ol' timer with 27 years experience ;0)

This field has more old folks than a nursing home...with that said it's gonna need alot of people reeeeal soon....and it pays like a nurse's salary without all the blood and body fluids...unless your a moron that doesn't watch what you are doing...these are MACHINES they can hurt you if you don't pay attention and respect them.

TATA fer now

WATCH THE SEXAY BELOW...making things turns me on...har-har!!!
The fact is that you are carving various types of metals with these processes just really is the coolest thing evar...I mean shit carving marble/stone takes are carving STEEL that takes 20 minutes so fucking sexay just sayin'!!!

You have to watch this video on this 5 axis mill/lathe below it will blow yer mind!!!


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