Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Grinds my Gears" tire sensors!

 I have a 4 door 2008 black Cobalt...LOOOOOOVE the car...but the tire sensors have been driving me it is saying it needs to be serviced because it is not registering one of the tires at I'm a tire guage carryin' freak allways checkin' my tires wear and tear part of being a responsible car owner (well tryin' anyway) my whole bitch is what is the point of having tire when I got a flat I pretty much didn't need the sensors alert to tell me... I had a flat the rumbling and shaking of the car let me know that even before the sensor flipped on I mean WTF!!

And the BALLZ of it all is that it is going to cost an arm and a leg to brother's Jeep tire sensor broke and it cost them $250 to fix WTFF!! It is a scam I tell ya! Oh well I'll see if my extended warranty will cover it...because every time I bring it into the dealership they doge that extended warranty coverage like a terrorist with a court case..."Hmmm let's see what the extended warranty covers....Hmmmmm..."..."oh look doesn't cover trim pieces...or tire sensors...that will be $300 please"...*DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGAS* while walking out of dealership shop >:0(

My Batmobile!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ick as far as any of those devices previously discussed...none of them worked...sooooooo back to BMI and old stand by the scale...which is showing up a 217 number...still don't trust it...but I keep working out...even though the original goal was to join the Army to help pay down my college loans *shrugs* Shit Happens....sooooo my goal by the age 36 to be 150 lbs again...because being fat is exhausting....seriously couldn't run up 3 flights of stairs with out being I have no problem...still want to lose more weight though...running is the best calorie burner...but I do like strength training helped thin out my arms and I can lift stuff with no can't run in snow...also my arch nemesis is back >shin splints< my right one is fine after awhile but now the left one is always bitchy after a run...been doing the strength training to repair/build up the muscle so as not to cause a stress fracture that would we will see if the whole weight loss thing pans out for me...just want to keep myself healthy not tryin' enter any MMA situation LOL