Sunday, December 23, 2012

WTF of all FUCKIN FUCK...really run into a school and shoot up some kids!

Flame throwers should be right next to fire extiguishers...see that shit try and shoot through a wall of napalm...give him a free sample of what hell is going to be like for him...

Yeah everybody is all like "no more more violence" bullshit it is a human beings baser instinct to fuck shit up...just cause we've medicated/brain washed it into submission doesn't mean it isn't there anymore...just sayin' it will always happen no matter what gun laws anti violent ban on video a dewd or chick is going to find a way to snap and fuck shit up...

Like the cute little boy in Cleveland Emilliano Terry nobody gave a fuck about that kid after the Sandy shooting happened...know what his mother did because his father didn't want her anymore and she went crazy...she killed the kid stuffed him in a garbage bag and buried guns no knives or ball bats used her bare hands and killed him...even after government supported mental health evaluations and assloads of public assistance that crazy bitch still killed her kid...then she lied about it...than wrote some fucked up letter to news saying that "nobody helped her in a time of need" bullshit the system even offered adoption services for that bitch and she still refused...there will always be CRAZY ASS PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT WE DO!!!

Just like to have the option to protect myself when shit goes down...flame thrower...package of freshly sharpened number 2 pencils...some body armor maybe...dead bolt triple lock to make it harder for a shooter to open the room with bullet proof glass...have the chalk board flip down and there is a slab of bullet proof armor to take cover behind...just sayin'!

Oh and did you know there was a security guard at Columbine...he just really sucked at shooting and being a security guard in general...WTF...that is your job why would you not train for it!!!

Just a weird December for this country this year people just fuckin' shit up...WTF it's Christmas!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mmmmmmmmmm nom-nom...ahhh burp......
Now that turkey coma day is over...spent 15$ on that thing for it to rot in the fridge for the next few weeks...ewwwness...and the endless leftovers of course before the rot...just weird we spend so much money on this day to pig out on...2500 calories worth...15$ on pies...and then advertise over top of the thanksgiving Holiday about black Friday where people act like animals for crap that will be cheaper after the Holiday's...seen a woman on the news biting someones arm trying to get a dvd/blu-ray whatever...they have us trained well I guess...Pavlov's dogs style...

Got a chance to watch "Why Poverty" on PBS...had the Koch bros on there along with the rest of the a-holes that got us into the mess we are in...just weird how the rich are...they make their fortunes decimating anything/everybody...then get pissy cause the doorman loaded their cars for the Hampton's wrong...bitch piss and whine about big government but then when they fuck up the system come running with their hands out for bailouts...bought and paid for the same class of people that they look down on while they motor off to the Hampton's...just ass backwards...

This is why innovation is dying in this country...let's pay off the useless assholes' debts while refusing to fund start ups and let everyone else suffer...and that is why the USA has scared off the real good Entrepreneurs off to foreign useless rich bitch assholes are dug into this country like ticks...and the cry about people being on wellfare...yet they are the biggest recipients of big government wellfare they just rephased/relitigated into bailouts language...*DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGAS TO THOSE ASSHOLES*

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Well Halloween has been done for a month...and for some reason I always miss the whole gouls and gobblins goofiness of it...maybe how it is the simplest and most fun holliday of to more serious faced hollidays where you spend more money than you make on stuff for people that you argue with over stupid shit which makes no sense in the "regular" time of year oh well at least the food is good...mmmm turkey coma mmmmm....

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Grinds my Gears" tire sensors!

 I have a 4 door 2008 black Cobalt...LOOOOOOVE the car...but the tire sensors have been driving me it is saying it needs to be serviced because it is not registering one of the tires at I'm a tire guage carryin' freak allways checkin' my tires wear and tear part of being a responsible car owner (well tryin' anyway) my whole bitch is what is the point of having tire when I got a flat I pretty much didn't need the sensors alert to tell me... I had a flat the rumbling and shaking of the car let me know that even before the sensor flipped on I mean WTF!!

And the BALLZ of it all is that it is going to cost an arm and a leg to brother's Jeep tire sensor broke and it cost them $250 to fix WTFF!! It is a scam I tell ya! Oh well I'll see if my extended warranty will cover it...because every time I bring it into the dealership they doge that extended warranty coverage like a terrorist with a court case..."Hmmm let's see what the extended warranty covers....Hmmmmm..."..."oh look doesn't cover trim pieces...or tire sensors...that will be $300 please"...*DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGAS* while walking out of dealership shop >:0(

My Batmobile!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ick as far as any of those devices previously discussed...none of them worked...sooooooo back to BMI and old stand by the scale...which is showing up a 217 number...still don't trust it...but I keep working out...even though the original goal was to join the Army to help pay down my college loans *shrugs* Shit Happens....sooooo my goal by the age 36 to be 150 lbs again...because being fat is exhausting....seriously couldn't run up 3 flights of stairs with out being I have no problem...still want to lose more weight though...running is the best calorie burner...but I do like strength training helped thin out my arms and I can lift stuff with no can't run in snow...also my arch nemesis is back >shin splints< my right one is fine after awhile but now the left one is always bitchy after a run...been doing the strength training to repair/build up the muscle so as not to cause a stress fracture that would we will see if the whole weight loss thing pans out for me...just want to keep myself healthy not tryin' enter any MMA situation LOL


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My bad it is "Pedometer"...not Odmeter don't know where I came up with that one...inventing new words haa...well started a walk/jog workout situation and maaan I can feel it in my butt, thighs, and's a good pain...the I'm getting off my fat ass kind of pain...the track I'm using is just outside my local hospital about 1.25 mile's a little beat down but just the right amount of hills and valleys for building those muscles...and the new balance pedometer is a little weird I'll run/walk the track 3 to 4 times and it gives me a reading of only .58 miles...the pulse counter works well...and time...just the mile tracker makes no sense...oh well just keep track of my on the scale at home ealier today and it gave me a digital read of 233.4 (from 237.3)...sooo it looks like the walk/jog might be  workin'...*gives scale the ol' stank eye* just don't trust it.

Just thinking the other day back in my soccer glory days (12+ years ago) I could run/sprint 6 to 12 miles so I'm huffin' and puffin' around just a 1.25 mile track...not cool! LOL *shakes fist at my fatness* so kids try to put down the fork more often... ;0)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trying to lose weight for better health...went from 260 last 245 a month in a half 237 and holding...looking at some odometers today...going to take up jogging to change up my work out regiment (word is jogging is a great fat melter...better get melting lol)...I tell ya it's easy to gain it but harder to lose it...watching what I eat it's pretty easy to fill up you caloric in cup of cheerios is about 200 calories with milk that's one cup...I measured my regular go to cereal bowl it held about 4 cups worth...just crazy how fast you can consume your entire 2500 daily calorie by chowing down on just cheerios...and it's 1800 calories a day if you are serious aboot losing weight...but it's worth it my knees don't bother me I notice I have more energy with out drinking coffee...and I look a little better in my a ways to go heh

Monday, June 25, 2012

YEAH BUDDY!!! Look who's on yer fridge holdin' yer notes...yaaarrggg pumpkin face!
Always wanted to try and combine magnets and plush...done before I guess...but I wanted to put my goofy brand/style on 'em...printed on my HP large format older thermal printer...I like the older thermal print better than my new epson inkjet because it lays down the ink waaaay better/sharper...too much bleeding with the newer inkjet....just in time for my craft show.... ;0)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh did another Breakneck gallery show...this one was pretty cool 3D's what I came up with...robot and one of my EMO face bears that I've been working on...kinda like a get over yourself greeting card/plush poke fun at the recipient of the bear...explaination of bears in next posting...

Forgot about this one...a soft sculpture that I made for LAC...kinda went all out for the Valentine themed shows this year...made it out of an interior fabric swatch...some tree branches that I painted...then hot glued the whole thing to an old frame...seems like I'm building up an inventory of stuff...might do a craft show this year...who knows...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

More with stand...on display at the valentine/schmalentine show in Cleveland @ the Breakneck Gallery 17020 Madison Ave, Lakewood Oh, 44107...on Feb. 11th time 6pm til 10 pm

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yay he's finished! And as crazy lookin' as evar...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Yay more Heart Eating Monster process pics...eating hearts and what not...maybe some chocolates later...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Got bored and made some outdoor decorations for Valentine's day...some heart garland...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WOW it's been a minute since I've "blogged" not in the mood I guess...still working on my first love...plush toys 'n' art...thinkin' of doin' an artshow "valentines shmalentines" type of show...have some artwork...but playin' around with a heart eating plush monster...oh wait this crappy blogger site keeps taking a dump when I up load pics that's why I haven't been in for awhile just kinda frustrating... :0(