Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh making my plush stuffs is relaxing and fun...I do it because I like doing it...not to make money...or be famous...just really like coming up with funky characters...and it's the quickest way to make my sketches three dimensional...and it's pretty cool to see grown folks grab one of my creations and you see it in their eyes like they are kids again :0)

Yeah I don't usually promote or advertise things on here...there is a but to this...Spoonflower this is a company that you can order custom printed's make your own graphic/artwork/pattern and upload it...pick a type of fabric to print on...they use huge industrial printers exactly made for printing fabric...I ordered some fabric with some flies and a spider... pretty cool stuffs pics below...

OK this is my I apologize for my foul language on my blog....this is my place to say random things and participate in my free speech with a lil' crazy sprinkled in...a number of these posts are not really ready for all to read...and I accept that...I am no Voltaire...or Mother Teresa...again sorry aboot that ahead of time.

But if you want a good laugh or wtf then you have come to the right place...this is where I let my hair down and throw in a F' bomb here and is the pursuit of the masculine and feminine duality that I aspire to achieve...with some BS thrown in for affect (in reference to the previous sentence).

So sit back and enjoy the ride. ;0)

I like to garden...