Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ick as far as any of those devices previously discussed...none of them worked...sooooooo back to BMI and old stand by the scale...which is showing up a 217 number...still don't trust it...but I keep working out...even though the original goal was to join the Army to help pay down my college loans *shrugs* Shit Happens....sooooo my goal by the age 36 to be 150 lbs again...because being fat is exhausting....seriously couldn't run up 3 flights of stairs with out being I have no problem...still want to lose more weight though...running is the best calorie burner...but I do like strength training helped thin out my arms and I can lift stuff with no can't run in snow...also my arch nemesis is back >shin splints< my right one is fine after awhile but now the left one is always bitchy after a run...been doing the strength training to repair/build up the muscle so as not to cause a stress fracture that would we will see if the whole weight loss thing pans out for me...just want to keep myself healthy not tryin' enter any MMA situation LOL


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