Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trying to lose weight for better health...went from 260 last 245 a month in a half 237 and holding...looking at some odometers today...going to take up jogging to change up my work out regiment (word is jogging is a great fat melter...better get melting lol)...I tell ya it's easy to gain it but harder to lose it...watching what I eat it's pretty easy to fill up you caloric in cup of cheerios is about 200 calories with milk that's one cup...I measured my regular go to cereal bowl it held about 4 cups worth...just crazy how fast you can consume your entire 2500 daily calorie by chowing down on just cheerios...and it's 1800 calories a day if you are serious aboot losing weight...but it's worth it my knees don't bother me I notice I have more energy with out drinking coffee...and I look a little better in my a ways to go heh

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