Friday, February 26, 2010

Ugh...more snow...winter go away maaannn...

eh ah well took this time to watch some pretty sweet movies...rented The September issue and COCO before stuffs...not much of a reviewer but I did enjoy both flicks....

I think I might be obsessed with September issue the most...because of the tension between Grace and Anna...made me giggle a bit...especially when Anna wants texture and Grace brings out a hot pink shirt/blouse with stuffed pink gloves sewn onto the looks like the gloves are going to be groping the person wearing it...I would recommend this flick even if you aren't a die hard fashionista...but a person who does appreciate beautiful things...those amazing gowns had me drooling!

COCO before Chanel flick with Audry Tautou (she was in Amelie):
It was neat to see how COCO came into her singin', straw hat wearin' feisty woman...she wore her ovaries on the outside lol...always like to see where people/icons start was edited to the hilt...wanted to see a bit more when she started her shop up...this flick was all about the dewds in her life...good movie.

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