Monday, February 8, 2010

^^ YUDU prints of my robot plushies ^^

Ahhh silk screening....oh boy...the whole process is fairly long winded even when you get used to it...I bought a YUDU I'm in love/hate with it because of the detail it can produce as far as screen printing thin lines/and detail go...but it does mess up...or I messed up heh....

The classic way that I was working on long into the early morning hours yesterday and today where you can hand cut out what you want the paint to go through was the toughest, but the screens are far more durable than the YUDU...I had to redo my spinosarus screen (the other fell and got a hole in it...the lil' thing at th top of muh blog) went well...what I noticed about the YUDU is that after a bunch of runs the lines aren't as crisp or entire sections come away and where you didn't want paint it makes it's way into your piece....and I'm using the liquid screen block that I purchased at DIY Tshirts....but I noticed if I use to little of the liquid screen block and make a thin coat with it it will deteriorate a lot faster than a thick coat(but to thick and you get air bubbles which paint can get through)...and if I do not use hot water to clean the paint off the screens tend to last a little longer...yeah learned the hard way on that one hot water likes melt and peel the liquid screen away...

So I guess with my stumbling through both processes it takes awhile to get used to the little ticks that screen printing can present in both the photo emulsion and the old cut 'n' paste by hand way...both results are worth the growing pains though ;0)

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