Sunday, April 24, 2016

Alriiiight here's some shit coming from my deeply mournful heartbroken abyss of my hole in my heart...brace yourself for the FUCKED UP just saying avert your eyes form this somewhat drunkin' AMERICAN/IRISH/RUSSIAN/GERMAN BITCH post...It is about CANCER fuck this disease in ALL OF IT'S's robbed me of my mother to where it HAS left a literal/proverbial HOLE in my HEART...and others...but it seems as evil self inflicted disease as it sometimes seems(due to it's genetic mal formation of our own cells that attack our our body bits) is of all of it's holistic EVIL as it is  SELF it be to much much red much perfume/body wash in the vajayjay(site lawsuit of Shower to shower lawsuit of the use of shower to shower use in the vaj area).

PRETTY FUCKED UP SO MANY I envy people with their old infirm somewhat disabled mothers in wheelchairs type of shit... like why can't my my mom be wheeled around in a wheelchair type of shit FUCK is painful my mother laid in her FUCKING death bed with her torso full of SEVEN FUCKING cancerous tumors...left behind because the original surgery left "LEAKAGE" when they surgically removed the original tumor...her cancer was so new it sent out a liquid/gel form then form the "cloud" that is the tumor that could not be treated by ANYTHING not radiation...not chemo because it was way to FAST...(picture heart breaking/exploding in my chest right now) the point when me and me and my brothers had to deal with the burial of my mother's body we wanted to take the amount of tumors out...JUST SOOOOOOO FUCKED UP!!!!!!

There is a but...a BIG old but to this.......

I watched Requiem for the american dream and I'm seriously thinking to myself the level the rich V. poor level the playing field type of shit is that fucking cunt CANCER and in it's many forms...I mean shit not even one of the founders of Apple computers couldn't defeat this BITCH that is cancer he's the richest fucker out there (oh I know beyond the papers BITCH!!!)....I mean what the fuck chances do we Proletariat and my mom have against it...maybe this is the disease that brings every class ranking to it's knees?  Now that the richey riches are affected? Will there be a fierce strive to actually identify it and all it's fucked up forms? And cure it? I've seen stories of "billionaires" making financial pledges to eradicate this disease...just seems bullshit...I've read stories of money makers losing their mother of their children...I mean what the fuck kind of chance did my mother have if these ingenuousness of businesses couldn't figure it out..... #FUCKCANCER for real on every money level... #RIPmom....OH yeah fuck you on mother's day! :)
August 2013...hope at that time....
October 2013...all is lost...RIP.... FUCK CANCER!!!

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