Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting ready to show muh stuff at a gallery in my hometown...trying a new idea on framing a print...something like a slide that you view under a microscope...just laminated the image...put the glass ontop to trim to fit my painted second hand frames...and there ya go suspended animation/float mount...used double sided tape on them to keep them from moving around...along with hidden hotglue to hold in the time I use the bigger frames I'll go get the images laminated at staples so they fit exactly to the larger glass it would just look better than being stuck in the center with edges showing...ah well fer next time

I was just thinking about how artists are breaking away from using traditional in painting on reclaimed lumber instead of a store bought canvas...finding an old door or window and creating artwork on those types of items...just kinda cool...thinkin' 'bout black pipe bent acrylic and a totem pole situation fer some reason earlier today...da-der-der

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